The title of this post should have been “Hello world…hello 2016” instead. i.e if only I were bad at procrastinating. It doesn’t matter now. I’m here, a few years later but still on time.

Along with thousands of commitments, promises and resolutions that are currently being brewed at this very moment, I’ve decided to add to it one of my own. I’m convinced that I really need to get started on this blogging thing to embarrass myself. Well that’s not entirely true :)

Some of my Why’s are:

  • Get over fear of writing.
  • Many studies have suggested that writing down the things that we learn actually helps us remember it longer. I believe it.
  • I’m more likely to commit to things when I declare them publicly (I think there are studies for this too).
  • I sometimes have a combination of “too much time” and “too many things in my head”. My theory is that when I sit down to write these, I will get rid of both of those. Win, win!
  • Unlearn mistaken ideas in health, software and in life in general by starting from basic. This is going to be a tough one.

What am I going to write about?

I will start with a few things that I am currently obsessed about. Health, software and beer. A good combination I think.


I’ve been on and off the paleo lifestyle for the last couple of years. Just the eating part, not the sleeping in caves, hunting or running away from lions part. I’m starting the year off as a hunter gatherer friendly food eater. Idea is to not be perfect, but taking good-enough step towards it. I don’t think I can give up on beers quite yet. I love cheat days. May be twice a month? Like Saturday? Hmm Faturday, a day to get fat without holding back anything? Or to celebrate 21 day streak?


I write code for a living. Bad code. Hope my employer is not reading this. Are you a former employer? Sure, keep reading then! I start with writing good ones, but it turns bad pretty quickly, if not ugly. I love learning new concepts, ideas and frameworks. I love it so much that I will start watching a presentation on a new shiny framework. Fast forward couple of hours and I’ve already flipped through two or three different frameworks. Sadly true. So to stop this ‘high caffeinated’ like behavior, I’m going to pick couple of interesting ones and try to build a thing with them. I don’t know what ‘a thing’ is yet. Journaling my learning will hopefully keep me focused. Ooh and the joy of receiving feedbacks! Good news for my future employer.


Don’t get me started on this one! One day a good friend of mine and I were having a really good IPA. As we downed our second third one, we had this brilliant idea. See we drink, talk, laugh and smile IPAs. We probably bleed IPA! Wait..omg! Why not print Tees with “I bleed IPA”, “My blood is IPA +ve”. Beer entrepreneurs in the making. The excitement did last for about three minutes though, until google ruined it. Anyways…So yes, beer and paleo thing is not going to work together. However, I think I can make it work with my Faturdays :) I won’t usually drink beer, but when I do I’ll do my best to express my love for it. Beer and software absolutely go together. Hint: IPA, API? Told you!

This is good enough for my first post. I’m excited to writing and sharing my stories with you. While I genuinely believe we are all unique and there’s no one exactly like us, I hope some of you find these posts strikingly relatable.

Bye now 2017.