Well, looks like I am off to a good start in 2018! I am officially beer free since the first day of 2018, that’s day one! I made a decision to keep that streak for a while. Tracking the progress would be nice and so it would be interesting to share the data here; not to bore everyone with my personal agenda but to encourage myself! That’s not being selfish, but loving myself :)

That brings me to my second thought this morning. Why not build a tool that can assist tracking the progress? Putting that in the spreadsheet would be easy, although it defeats the purpose of learning to write code. And…the real intention is to make millions of dollars off of it!

What should the tool/program/app be able to do?

Just the act of thinking about this won’t get me anywhere. Planning is a must to stay focused. Here are some of the high level things that the tool should be able to do:

  • I should be able to tell it whether I was beered or unbeered on a day.
  • I should be able to tell it how many of them I had :)
  • It should report to me on Monday, my trend for the last week.
  • It should warn me if I am beered for 3 days in a row. Automatically tweet “I just farted”. No, thats not a good idea.
  • It should congratulate me if I am unbeered for 3 days in a row. Magically deposit $100 into my bank. Is it possible?
  • If I dont tell it if I was beered on a day, it would assume I did and I was trying to cheat.

Those are not set in stones. I’m sure some will be modified, removed and new ones will be added.

But how?

Post a job in craigslist, outsource it to someone, somewhere. Nah just kidding :) This is where the opportunity to learn and grow is! This is where I can pick and try different frameworks, libraries, ideas and in general actively learn.

Having said that, here are some of the things that I’m currently interested in. I’ve used some, tried some and heard about some of them. Most of them are open source while some of them need licensing. Just a quick list for now :)

It will be worth a try but definitely cant use all of the above! My intention is to learn as I build this and also share with you how I’m doing it! I’ve yet to decide the best way to write about the whole process. That will eventually come but this is a good start.

Have an amazing day!