Howdy! Proud to say that I’ve only had beer once since the beginning of 2018! I think I’m on a roll here. Wait…I just said no beers. I did have occasional ciders and red wine :) That surely counts as beer free.

If you are interested in hosting your websites for free then you are in for a treat today! Yes, absolutely freely! Have you heard of Netlify? Don’t worry if not ;) I didn’t know it existed until a week ago. I’ll let you read the complete features you get for free at Netlify but here’s a quick list of why I like it and decided to jump abroad!

  • Its free, for personal and commercial projects! Sure you don’t get all the bells and whistles, but you know you don’t get everything for free :) Compare this with what other hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost etc provides.
  • You can setup your own custom domain for free.
  • You get https, free again!
  • All files are delivered by CDN! Your sites will be fast and ready for millions of users!
  • Easy to use and intuitive UI

Depending on your use case and how far you want to go, you can quickly get started with Netlify to:

  1. Host a simple static website i.e just using Netlify. Probably useful for mocks etc.
  2. Configure Netlify to link in your git branch(gitlab, bitbucket, github). With that setup, every time you commit to the branch, Netlify will pull in the changes and re-deploy the site for you automatically :)
  3. Step two + additional Jekyll integration.

This blog is actually a integration between Jekyll, Gitlab and Netlify!

  • I forked Beautiful Jekyll from github to my local repository, then pushed the local repo to my gitlab account.
  • Linked the master branch to Netlify.
  • Any commits to the master branch triggers a process in Netlify to pull in the changes
  • Netlify runs ‘jekyll build’ command and deploys the site!

Well, head over to Netlify and and give it a try. Documentation is great!

At this point, I’m thinking I will be moving all my personal projects to Netlify, even upgrade to paid plans for some of them!

Cheers :)