Do you think in the next 3 to 5 years, we will have driver-less vehicles in the street? Will we be able to order a ride with a touch of a button in an app? I think is it extremely likely, if not absolutely. I’m currently reading Autonomy and the more I read, surer I become that we are very close to the new era of transportation. I’d highly recommend the book, not just to entertain of the idea, but also to realize how many other ‘accidental’ discoveries were made during the quest for driverless vehicles. One such example is Street View in maps!

What does that mean to me personally? Well, not having to drive with several IPAs in my bloodstream is always the best idea!

Code for this post is in branch: learning-unbeered-14.

  • There’s not much in this update actually. Just a few minor text updates in the console app.
  • I added Tababular to format the console output in a nice looking table!

Whats next?

I’m hoping to get into durable messaging using Rebus or NServiceBus next!

Cheers :)