I know I am late to the Docker party but really it is never late to learn :) Sometimes it is better to defer learning because the technology may not be stable early on, or the fact that so many cool new things never get embraced by the public.

In this update I moved RavenDb to docker container. I added a docker compose file that adds RavenDb as a service. I used docker compose instead of individual docker image because I’d like to also containerize other services in the future and have a quick way to startup/run all the services.

I’ve also removed LiteDb and replaced it with RavenDb. LiteDb was great to get started with but now that I have Raven, I could just use it.

Other updates:

  • I’ve merged the latest changes to master branch. It doesn’t really makes sense any more to keep creating new branches for each post!
  • Also moved from Visual Studio to Rider! I wanted to try out how Rider on Mac, and this being .net core project, this was a great opportunity.

Whats next?

I was hoping to get into durable messaging using Rebus next. However, in the last few weeks I’ve been thinking that may be this project can serve other purposes than just recording beer data. Perhaps anything that is worth journaling could be tracked? For eg. if I were to make a habit of drinking at least 4 glass of water, then this could be tracked. Other trackable habits like daily walks, daily reading etc. I’ll sleep on this idea for now!

Cheers :)